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About Patriot Flooring

About Patriot Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is our passion. Our company is founded on the fact we give our customers great customer service as well as a wonderful end product. Our mission is to make each and every customer of ours in love with their floor when we leave their house.

Some Quick Facts

  • Patriot Hardwood was founded on the principle of bringing American pride and craftsmanship to hardwood floors and interior woodworking. Since 2014 we have been providing high quality restoration work to the Indianapolis area.
  • We utilize almost entirely American made products and refuse to change this to save money. PHF also makes it a point to employ veterans to give back to those who have served.
  • Our main focus is on customer satisfaction, we believe this is the key to growing a successful business and a network of lifelong clients.
  • We use cutting edge sanders and dust containment to ensure you get the table top finish on your floor with minimal dust and disturbance to your home.
  • All our employees are seasoned woodworkers who have a passion for making wood floors unique and beautiful. Their experience ranges from 5-45 years in the trade.
  • Customer and employee health is of the utmost importance to us, for this reason we use only eco friendly finishes that have extremely low VOCs and are made by the last family owned American wood finish company. The turn around time is extremely short and in most cases furniture can be moved back in within a day, due to rapid cure technology utilized.
  • Our Finish system uses the same chemicals and resins found in bulletproof glass and motor cycle helmets (lexan), it also contains metallic Nano particulates that give an unmatched scratch resistance and life to the floor. Protecting your investment for many years to come.
  • We also custom finishing options with n0 VOC penetrating oils and hardwax finishes for a natural raw wood look and feel.
  • Our sanding process is more intensive and utilizes Planetary sanders that achieve a much flatter beautiful floor. This process is more expensive and time taking and few sanding companies take the time to achieve this level of quality.

Nate Kelly – Owner

I love hardwood flooring and strive to teach my ways to my apprentices. I fully believe in every thing I do at work is always the correct and NWFA way of doing things. I take great responsibility when I am working on others homes to ensure from start to finish our customers know what we are doing and are happy with the results. With over a decade of flooring experience, I am your man for the job

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