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Choosing the Right Wood Species for your Home-

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White oak

White oak is one of the top choices for hardwood flooring. White oak can be contemporary and beautiful or can be rustic and natural. White oak grades can include knots and checks or boards can be selected that eliminate these elements. White oak is a great choice for homes with pets and lots of foot traffic. It is a low maintenance flooring option and is beautiful and classic.

White oak can be live sawn or quarter sawn to change how the grain is exposed. These specialty cuts can really affect the way the grain is shown and change the look of the floor. White oak can be stained to change the color and look of the floor while making the floor warm and inviting.


Hickory has a tight grain pattern with a lot of color variation. The beauty of the wood is shown through each board and is part of what makes hickory unique. Knots and checks can be present and add to the appeal of hickory. Hickory is a sturdy wood and can be ideal for homes with dogs.

Ask is another popular choice and has a lot of unique character. There are knots and checks as well as a pronounced grain pattern.


Maple has a minimal grain pattern and little color variation which gives it a great consistent look. Maple has a smooth sleek look which makes it ideal for a modern or contemporary floor. It is a beautiful neutral flooring choice and works well for people with small pets.


Walnut is one of the most unique and identifiable flooring choices. Walnut has rich brown tones that add warmth to your flor. The character of the one of a kind grain is present in each board. Walnut is great for homes with moderate traffic and can withstand some general wear and tear. Walnut can add warmth and depth to your home and space.

Red Oak-

Red oak is another beautiful flooring species that has last for years to come. Red Oak has rich grain patterns with little color variation. It is great for high traffic spaces and has been in homes for centuries. Red oak is a great choice to be stained. Red oak is one of the most commonly used hardwood floorings from the past so it is commonly found hiding under carpets in older homes.

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