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Choosing Your Wood Species and Cut-

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White Oak is one of the most popular hardwood flooring types. The open grain adds a lot of texture and depth to the flooring. Live Sawn white oak adds even more rustic charm to the floor featuring beautiful knots and checks.

This flooring species is great for high traffic spaces and for homes with animals. Overtime the wear and tear will add additional character to the floor. White oak is a great choice for homeowners looking for a low maintenance option.

Quarter Sawn white oak is another option within the white oak species. The quarter sawn cut gives a clean and consistent grain and offers mild color variation in the planks. The quarter sawn cut add visual interest to your flooring. Quarter Sawn flooring works well with a distressed styles and looks beautiful wire brushed.


Hickory is another great species of wood. Hickory boasts a tight rich grain with a visually pleasing grain pattern. The unique color variation of hickory is great for adding a natural beautiful look to your home. Hickory includes checks and knots and a fun rustic appeal to your flooring.


Ash is another species of hardwood flooring that many people choose. Ash boasts a pronounced grain pattern adds rich color and character to the floor. Depending on the grade you select you may have knots or a cleaner grain pattern. Ash can be a good flooring choice in homes with pets and you may find that the grain pattern is great for hiding scratches and imperfections.


Maple is a widely used flooring choice and yields a uniform look. Maple is smooth and has very little grain pattern. The boards do have some color variation and the occasional knot but overall are consistent and light in color. Maple is not one of the most resilient woods and is more easily dented or scratched than a hickory or oak. Maple is very modern with its clean lines and light color but cannot be stained so that is something to keep in mind.


Walnut is known for being a rich and warm wood with unique grain patterns and beautiful color variations. Walnut has lots of grain patterns and character in each and every board. There are grain variations, knots and checks as well as color variations.

Walnut is not ideal for high traffic areas or in homes with pets. The brown tone is unique to walnut but if you want the warm brown town with more scratch resistance you may want to have an oak or hickory stained.

Red Oak-

Red oak was one of the most common wood choice for a large period of time. Many older homes still have red oak under the carpet or linoleum. Red oak has mild color variations with a rich grain pattern. The grain pattern looks great on longboards where it can really be shown off.

Red Oak can be stained which can give it an updated look. Red oak is a timeless choice and refinishing existing red oak is a great option for staying with the traditional flooring but giving it a facelift.

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