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Dark Hardwood Flooring Options

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Dark hardwod floors are a popular design choice for a lot of homes for a new hardwood installation or hardwood refinish. The dark flooring is beautiful when done properly and can really complete a room. Color can really set the mood for a room and dark wood flooring can be cozy and calming. Dark flooring is not without its drawbacks but many people feel that the color is worth it.

Staining natural wood dark can mean many different things. Some homeowners may choose a deep brown color while others may go for a black or dark gray. The range of colors and the species stained make for endless possible combinations. Dark flooring may mean a medium brown to one customer while another may mean ebony. The color a customer chooses will likely be dependent on their design tastes and samples. Providing species specific examples can help a customer make an informed decision for their flooring.

Dark hardwood flooring has been in style for a while and it appears these darker hues aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Dark flooring melds nicely into almost any home style. The addition of gray flooring into the market has made for even more options for homeowners looking for a warm and inviting but dark floor.

Dark hardwood flooring works well in kitchens with a range of cabinetry colors but especially white or light wood cabinets. The big drawback in kitchens is that crumbs will stand out more on a dark floor. Fabric couches and lighter materials also look great with dark flooring. Dark leather couches and rich toned wood furniture can blend in too much with the floor and create a darker, colder look. The dark furniture on dark flooring can clash as well.

Darker flooring can be more challenging to keep clean. Fur, lint, crumbs and other debris will show up more prominently on a dark wood floor. Be prepared to swiffer your floor frequently. This is not an issue that may stop you from choosing a darker floor but something to be aware of in case you are looking for a lower maintenance option.

Dark flooring is a beautiful way to transform your floor. Dark wood can make for a rich warm space and many homeowners are thrilled with the way their dark wood flooring looks. It is important to note that once you stain your floor a darker tone it will be very challenging to ever change it back.


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