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Hardwood Flooring Vent Choices

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We all notice the vents in our floor but have you ever thought about why they are there? Heat rises so having the vents in the floor of the home helps to warm the air effectively during cold days. The traditional metal drop in vents don’t add much to your decor but there are better options. Flush mount vents make a much better visual impact and surface mount vents can add fun design elements to your home.

Flush Mount Vents-

When installing new flooring you may want to consider flush mount vents. These vents create a seamless transition and allow the vent to be set info the floor and forgotten about. The vents come in different patterns if you want something more unique and come in a variety of sizes. Your estimator or contractor will measure all your registers and get the right size vents for your home.

Surface mount vents-

Surface mount vents are a good option if you are refinishing your floor or just want to update the look of already installed vents. There is no cutting involved and the new vents are just dropped into place. When choosing drop in vents you will need to measure properly, match the wood type and any stain colors and then add them to your home.


While wood vents are a beautiful choice and can add a seamless look to your home metal vents are gaining popularity. These beautiful designed metal vents go beyond the traditional vent and add a touch of style to your home.


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