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Hardwood Maintenance

Extend Your Floors Life & Look

Hardwood flooring needs some love and maintenance between refinishes. When cleaned by a professional there is a mixture of a mechanical scrubbers, high PH cleaners and powerful vacuums allow us to get your floor very clean. Once we have the floor very clean we can buff the floor and get out some of the small scratches. Then a top coat is applied to the flooring to create a beautiful new finish. Adding these new coats allows us to extend the life and beauty of your floor. With proper hardwood flooring cleaning maintenance (floor cleaning products here) your floor can last for 100s of years.

It is advised that you should keep your floor looking new by completing a maintenance coat every 3-5 years. The sheen will be even and beautiful again and and minor scratches will be removed. Learn more about proper floor cleaning & maintenance here.

Maintenance Coat // Do I need it?

Regular use of your flooring will dull your finish and scratch. If you want to have a beautiful glass like shine to your floor again and give your floor new life you will want to utilize maintenance coats. Maintenance coats take much less time than a refinish and are more affordable.

  • 2-4 hour turn around on maintenance coats
  • Beautiful results
  • Removal of small flaws or scratches
  • Nice shine or sheen
  • Dustless process
  • Finish choices are durable

The Maintenance Coat Process


We will arrive and go over questions and concerns you may have. Then we will vacuum and wet tack the floor. We want to start with a clean slate to allow our machines to work best. We use a micro-fiber mop to remove any remaining impurities from the floor.


After the first cleaning we do a second cleaning with a special machine called a dirt dragon. This machine scrubs the floor and utilizes a high pH solution to best remove dirt and grime from the floor.


Now that the floor is clean we can begin with the buffing process. Buffing helps us to remove any small scratches and allows the new coat to properly bond to the floor.


Now that the floor is properly clean and abraded we can move to the 4th and final step. We now apply the new finish coat. The new finish gives the floor a new sheen or shine and can fill in any existing scratches.

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