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Seven Ways Your Hardwood Can Be Damaged and How to Protect It

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Solid hardwood flooring can provide you years of value if properly cared for. The lifespan of your flooring can be cut short if the right precautions are not taken to protect it.


Place mats and rugs should be added to each entryway to collect dirt, grit and other grim from outside. The dirt and grim can act as a sandpaper on your floor and dull the finish. When the finish wears totally thru it will no longer serve as a protective coating from moisture.

Use a high quality vacuum that is safe for wood floors or a broom to keep the floors clear of dirt, dust and particles.

Buy proper cleaning and maintenance supplies to be used on your hardwood. The wrong cleaning supplies can make the floor hazy, yellow and reduce the amount of time between refinishes.

Wet mopping or using excessive water to clean your floor can have adverse effects. Excessive water can cause cupping, cracking or splintering. Wringing out your mop out properly before using it on your floors.

Maintain a relative humidity in your home is also important. Humidity in your home should be between 35% and 55% to help prevent gapping or warping. Some seasonal gapping is normal but excessive gapping can cause permanent gaps if caused by extreme dryness.

Covering furniture feet and legs helps to prevent scratching and denting. Chair legs are moved back and forth frequently and should have felt pads on the base.

Make sure the installation crew gives you manufacture recommendations for care. Different products can have different recommendations for when you should put furniture back on the floor, rugs, and what products to use for cleaning and other care.

Solid hardwood flooring is a great flooring type that has lasted the test of time. It can last for decades to come if cared for properly and is a true lifetime investment.

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