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Winter Hardwood Floor Care

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With winter fast approaching you may wonder how to best protect your floors from the change in weather. Hardwood floors and water are not a match made in heaven but there are simple ways to keep your floors from becoming damaged by the snow, ice or wet footwear.

First, add entryway mats to all the entrances to your home. Top quality mats with a solid non-slip backing are ideal. Choose one with absorbent fibers to capture as much moisture as possible. You will want to clean the mats regularly. Shake the mat out and then rinse and wash it. Allow it dry properly before you bring it back into your home to keep it from staining or warping the wood.

Next, clean up water quickly. When spills or puddles happen you will want to clean them up as quickly as possible. Keep a mop or cloth close to the doorways of your home so you can quickly clean up any messes. Also, preventing these puddles or spills may mean asking your family and guests to remove shoes or boots before entering your home.

Third, keep salt off the porch. Salt can attack and damage your flooring. Ice is a problem but you may cause more harm than good with salt on the porch of your home. Shoes can capture the salt and track it inside. Salt can break down the finish on your flooring. If you are looking for an option that will create traction without damaging your floor you may want to consider sand. Sand can damage hardwood by grinding away the finish but doesn’t erode naturally like salt. A heated exterior mat would be a great way to keep ice away and not harm hardwood.

Fourth, protect the floor with furniture pads. These pads prevent scratches, gouges and other marks. You can find options that are able to be cut and customized to your furniture. Change the pads regularly for optimal protection.

Finally, invest in good cleaning equipment and products. Cleaning is a vital step to keeping your floor beautiful in all season but especially winter. You will be sweeping, wiping and mopping more often in the winter. The high traffic areas and doorways may need to be cleaned daily. A high quality mop like a microfiber mop is a great option. Soft bristle vacuums or a dry mop are great for removing debris from your floor.

These simple steps can help keep your floor safe in the harsh winter months and beautiful all year.

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